Let yourself be inspired and enthused by the dishes of our chefs, chosen and prepared with care and passion, obtained by transforming excellent, farm-to-table raw materials of the ByBagnod world!

Il nostro menù


Veal Piedmontese style with caper powder

Carrot and spinach flan with PDO cheese fondue

Beef spiced with mountain herbs, mesclun and Gran Gessato d’Ayas cheese

Rainbow trout fillet with citrus marinade


Homemade ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, borage sautéed in butter and thyme

Agnolotti del Plin with roast meat juices

Cocoa tagliatelle with horsemeat white ragù

Carnaroli rice with CGDO Erbaluce wine and creamy robiola cheese

Spinach gnocchi with lamb fondue and Mocetta beef crumbles


Slow cooked beef, extra virgin herb-infused oil, Maldon sea salt flakes and seasonal side dish

Slow cooked locally-sourced lamb with OCD Carema wine reduction and seasonal vegetables

Slow cooked Piedmontese guinea fowl breast with juniper and seasonal side dish

Deboned leg of rabbit with pine nuts, raisins and seasonal side dish

Grilled lamb skewers and seasonal side dish

ByBagnod cheese tasting


Piedmontese Bunet pudding

Vanilla Pannacotta with blueberry sauce

Tarte tatin with Fior di Latte ice cream

Cherry Clafoutis

Please inform the staff in advance in case of intolerances or allergies, thank you.

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